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~A tracked number grows!
     ~You can't hit a target you can't SEE!
           ~80% of goals on a Vision Board come to fruition
              when you spend time each day dreaming!

Tracking sheets & More

Planning/Time Management

Weekly Plan Sheet
weekly plan with ipa.png
Weekly Plan Sheet
Weekly Plan sheet sample.jpg

Money Management

Business Tracking Register Excel
track demo.png
Business Expense Tracking  On Paper
Business tracker paper.png
Tax/Bookwork Labels 
Tax labels.png

Selling/Goals/Booking Strategy

Monthly Sales Goal
monthly sales goal.png
Seminar Court of Sales 2021
Court of sales tracker.png
Perfect, Power and Power Start +
girl boss tracker.jpg
Honoring Working Women
Sign up Sheet
Honoring working women (1).png
Selling Challenge 25 items in 7 days
25 in 7 challenge.png
Overcoming Booking Objections

Team Building

Pearls of Sharing
Perfect Start Power Start Power Start Pl
Court of Sharing
Court of sharing.png
Layering Chart Team Building
Team buliding layering chart.jpg


Rejection Therapy
Contact List
Only Booking Script You Will Ever Need!
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