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start with a goal

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Nothing Happens until Someone sells Something." 

                                                                            Mary Kay Ash


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Setting a goal

What were your reasons for starting your businss?

If you knew you couldn't fail, what is your heartts desire for your business?

A goal needs to be S-M-A-R-T





T-Time Specific


Beauty sessions

Beauty sessions are the quickest and easiest way to build your business by growing a customer base.  When women try this amazing product they want to take it home and start using it right away! 


preferred customer program

Send the latest edition of The Look and a sample to your customer for just $0.70 per person. 

Hi (name)! I wanted to make sure you have received the latest edition of the LOOK?  It is so chock full of the latest and greatest new products and I wanted YOU to be one of the first ones to try these amazing products.  Did you get a chance to try this fabulous sample!  

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2 + 2 + 2 follow up

Fortune is in the follow up.  Mary Kay Ash always taught the 2+2+2 method when following up with customers!

  • 2 days after they purchase to see if they have an questions

  • 2 weeks after they purchase to make sure the products are working for them and that they are not using so to much.

  • 2 month after they purchase to see if they need to reorder.


Social selling

It is wise to utilize Social Media to market your business, however, make sure you follow the Mary Kay Legal Guidelines.  Follow this link: Social Media Guidelines.

Step 1: Create a customer group

Step 2: Invite all of your friends and family

Step 3: Schedule your debut

Check out the great tools Mary Kay provides for your social media success at the link below.


Having a great sale

Having a sale can boost your business when done correctly!

In our unit we choose to have to larger sale opportunities 2 times a year one in June as a customer appreciation sale and the other one on Pink Friday (AKA black Friday in the real world)

When you offer sales to frequently, your customers will wait to order until a sales comes around.  Also keep in mind you do not want to give away all of your profit.  I have found doing discounted purchase with purchase works great. 

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