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The goal is to have systems in place so your business can function smoothly even when you are running crazy in your personal life.

When you have these systems in place, you simplicity and effectiveness. 


Follow the steps below and you will have a smooth business opening and your communications systems will be in place. 

Mary Kay Intouch

MK intouch.png

Your Intouch website will have been set up right after you submitted your agreement.  If not, go to and set up your account.  All things from MK Corp. will be here!  

Set up your Website

Mary Kay Website image.png

When you joined Mary Kay your website is included free for 1 year.  After your 1st year is up, the website is available to renew for $30 and the company takes care of updates and maintenance

This is a customer website for shopping and so much more.  

Set up Propay


Is a paid for service.  $39.99 per month to be able to accept and process credit cards.  The only reason you would want this CC processing service is that our Customer Delivery Service will only accept the Propay method of payment.  With out it you will need to do "manual" payment for your customers and won't be able to "ship" directly from MK to customers.

Video on YouTube

New Digital Start Something

Beautiful interactive training

Start something Beautiful.png

 This interactive "virtual training" feature will give you "interactive" learning!  Click below to go to the program.

Business Card Kit


MKConnections is a great place for business tools.  The only thing I recommend you get right out of the gate is your business card kit

 for $39.95. 

Make sure you DO NOT go crazy in here. 

Set a goal to EARN money before spending

on the "EXTRAS"!

My tip is be a star Consultant and you can earn  MKConnections vouchers so your don't spend your own money on the fluff.

Business Email

erate email.png

Setting up a business email is the best

way to keep all of your business

related emails in 1 place.  

If you are like me, my "general" email

gets so jam packed with "junk" mail it is hard to find the important ones.  Make

sure you add this email to your Mary Kay Intouch profile so you don't miss the important Company email.  You can

also opt in to receive texts from MK Corp. 

Voxer App (Walkie Talkie)

voxer app.png

Voxer is a quick way to communicate with your director if you have questions you need answers too right away.  

It is like a digital Walkie Talkie!  (for those of us old enough to know what those are...LOL)

Set up separate Business Checking account for 60/40 split


Setting up a separate checking account is not only the best way to keep track of all income and expenses related to your business, it is a MUST for IRS reporting.  When you co-mingle money from business and personal; if you are ever audited they will be looking through all of your accounts that co-mingled money.

The 60/40 split excel tracker below is set up with MN Sales tax.  If you know how to adjust the tax for your area make sure you do.  If not, let me know and I can help you change it.

You will save the Excel file to your computer.

Zoom App (Video Conferencing)


Most of you may already have Zoom.  This platform is where we are doing a lot of our virtual parties!  Not only will is save time on the road for doing face to

face parties, there is no extra time of

getting organized to take your

"Store" with you on the road.  

You can get a FREE Zoom Account that will give you 40 minutes to do a party, sharing appointment or other appointment.  If you want to have an unlimited amount of time; you can upgrade for $16.99 a month. Our unit zoom is 988 8994 6619 PW 6619

Another zoom is Jena Skorczewski's

939-572-0820 you go in a wait room.

Our Director Nikki's 815 194 4390

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