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New Consultant Success Center

Your Steps to Success

Congratulations on your decision to join the ranks of Women Entrepreneurs!  Get into something comfy, grab a favorite beverage and relax as you dive into your first steps on your journey to success!  

Earn a prize when you complete each step!  When you are done, fill out the "Claim My Prize" located by each challenge or on the menu.

Start Here

 Pre starter Kit challenge

Sell 25 items in 7 days and earn this.  The average consultant is selling between $400 and $1,000 by the time this challenge is completed!

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Quick Start Guide

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Choose off of our prize table

8 Steps to Success

1.  Kick off session

Book your Kick Off Session with your director and learn first hand how to do a Beauty Session.  Your director will do the session while you watch, learn & EARN!

3.  success meeting

Attending your weekly success meetings will keep you on the path to success.  Connectedness is the KEY to advancing your career.  When you attend your first 8 unit meetings in a row you will earn.....

Start Your Success Journey

5.  be a pearl girl

As a new consultant you can take advantage of the Great Start Program to earn significant amounts of FREE product bundles for selling and team building in the month you start plus the following 3 months.  

7.  Voxer challenge

Earn your Makeup Bag when you complete the 21 Day Voxer Challenge within your Great Start Time Frame. (Month you start + following 3)

Makeup bag styles will vary.

2.  inventory decision

Watch the inventory video in your welcome email and talk to your director.  She will be your support for working through your decision and a great source of knowledge if you have any questions

4.  Beauty sessions

Attend the Next Steps Training offered to new beauty consultants and learn how to effectively book and hold your first Beauty Sessions!

Start Your Education

6.  Business systems

Set up your business systems for your MK biz.  Intouch, ProPay, your MK website, Voxer, your customer group etc.  I am here to help you with anything you need to get started.  Just make sure to check in with me.

8.  Great Start Qualified FREEBIES

As a smart business woman you will want to take full advantage of the FREE products offered by Mary Kay in your Great Start Time Frame!  I will be your business partner, showing you HOW to max this out!

This background reminds me of the poem Footprints in the sand.

Just as our Lord will carry us when we are unsure or just needing His strength to get through a rough patch; I will be the one to help carry you though the challenges of having your own Mary Kay Business!  Whether it is getting started, building or moving up; anytime you just need a helping hand or an encouraging word reach out!   As your director, I am only be as effective as our communications.  Know that I will never push you to do more than you want.  I am here to support and mentor you in the directions of YOUR goals.  If you ever change your mind on what goal you are going for; please reach out to me and let me know so I know to change my communications with your to support your new decision.  Also know; I will be here to run with you when you are ready to pick your goal back up and go for it!

It took me 33 years to realize a goal I wanted.  That goal was to build a successful unit of women with totally different goals; but one common characteristic~ We Love the Lord and want to serve Him for the greater good of the women we meet!  Enriching each life because our paths were divinely intertwined! 

Thank your for being a part of this team!  I am here for you now matter how big, how small or whether or not you even have a goal and are just here for the sisterhood!  Because I believe we are BETTER together!

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