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Relationships built through your Mary Kay business are lifelong and authentic!  As we like to say in Mary Kay "We love 'doing life' with you!"

Team building is not only fun it is very rewarding!  The best way to build wealth is to have multi streams of income.  Mary Kay makes this possible because you can "layer" your income as a beauty consultant.  The rewards of team building are quite lucrative!  This is your guide to acquiring financial security through Team Building!!

The first thing to note is that when you team build; your commissions DO NOT come out of your new recruits commission but from Mary Kay directly!

The next thing to note is that your income has NO CEILING on how much you make!  And best of all is that we are a dual-,marketing company which means you purchase your product directly from Mary Kay Inc. and sell directly to your customers.  Which means you earn the highest commission because you are not paying a middle man to house and distribute your inventory!  

We have built a community of women who follow the Golden rule and Do Unto Others As They Would Want Done Unto Them!  We DO NOT take customers from one another, we NEVER bad mouth another consultant or other companies!  We are the epitome of professionalism when working with our customers!  

Let's get started team building!

Why Team Build?

1. Compensation

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2.  Bestie Rewards

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3.  Legacy

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Destination Red Jacket!  AKA Star Team Builder!

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As a Red Jacket you will unlock a whole new level of income with the commissions and bonuses available to you.  Plus you will promote yourself to the top 6% of the company and impact the lives of women all while earning elite prizes, special recognition and your coveted Red Jacket!


Print off the Red Jacket Game Plan below when you are "Ready for Red" and work through it.  As soon as you have 3 active team members on your tam, you will have officially promoted YOURSELF into mid-level leadership with mary kay and can order your Red Jacket.  

When those new team members become Great Start qualified, you will not only earn the 1st time $100 red bonus, but you will earn commission and a $50 team building bonus for each GSQ team member!  

Ways to share the career info.

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What is a coffee date?


This is when you sit down with a friend, customer or  someone who you have met through a beauty sesh; that has either agreed to help you with a challenge, wants to get entered into our unit contest or has interest in hearing about the company compensation plan and as agreed to get together one on one over coffee to listen.

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What is Dreaming in Jammies?


Every Thursday night at 7 pm we have an hour Zoom chat were you can invite guests to jump on and listen to the Mary Kay story and ask any questions they would love to know about a Mary Kay Business!  This does not mean that they are planning on joining the company, just that they are curious!

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When you get someone's opinion or feed back about our business opportunity by having them watch a video and fill out a few questions survey!  Just text me their name and number so I can follow up with them and get them entered into our unit cash drawings!

What is a career survey?

Download and Print The Only booking script you ever need!

Great Start Program & Bring Your Besties Program for New Independent Beauty Consultants!

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Your Great Start Bestie Coupons are in your quick start guide.

More Team Building Perks!

Just as with the UNLIMITED GSQ Team Building Bonus Bundles, you are eligible for a $50 Team Building bonus for EVERY New Great Start Qualified Team Member you add as long as you an active beauty consultant!  As you build your team, your commissions will increase. 

See  Independent Beauty Consultant Career Path Booklet  for complete details.

See Independent Sales Director Career Path Booklet for complete Details on the perks of becoming a sales Director.

See Career Compensation  for commission overview.

Want to become a MASTER TEAM BUILDER?

Check out the Team Building Boot Camp!

Listen and take notes while top Directors from Mary Kay inspire you to MASTER Team Building!

Additional Resources ~ Becoming a Master!

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