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All about the beauty sesh

Booking a beauty sesh​

MKUniversity Booking Course

Prepping for a beauty sesh

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Types of Beauty SEsh's


An in-person session is held at the home of the hostess, at a unit success night or special event.  Guests try the products as you read through the flip chart guide.  If you choose to carry product on hand your guests get to take home any purchase.

Facebook live

With a facebook live session, you can do it with or without samples.  There is a bit of legwork for the sample party vs the no sample session. 

A No sample sesh can have a quick turn around, whereas you will need to pre-profile, get the samples in the mail and wait for them to arrive before holding the sampler party.

Zoom Party


With a Zoom party, you can also do them with or without samples.  I have created a google doc to send to those who want samples and when they get them back to me, I can send out the custom packets.

Facebook post it party

A Facebook post it party is one where you set up a series of posts with pictures, description and or video.  You set up a post party group and then on the party day you start posting.  You can schedule the posts for every 2-4 minutes based on content then sit back and read comments.  There are also services like "post my party" where you can have the party prescheduled.  

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