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Welcome customers!  If you are looking for a one stop beauty shop

you'll find everything you need from makeup and skin care tips to ideas to gift others for all occasions to sales!  

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Welcome Consultants 

Welcome consultants! This is our units success tips hub for all things Mary Kay!  I welcome your feedback on ease of use, content or ideas you would like to see!

Your success starts here!  

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About The Legacy Leader Unit

Our unit represents women who never give up on themselves or their little girl dreams!  We know what we want and we go after it with passion and purpose!   Keeping Mary Kay's philosophies of God 1st, Family 2nd and our career 3rd.  We are driven by helping other women become the best version of themselves that they can be; for themselves, their families and countless other women who are wanting something more in their lives.

We are the foundation of the Legacy Leaders.  Our mission is in alignment with Mary Kay Ash herself "To Enrich The Lives Of Women!" 

We believe when you empower women, you empower their children who will leave a legacy for future generations!

Mary Kay Career Opportunity


JoAnn Kruse


Sales Director

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